Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Older white women join Kenya's sex tourists

Over the hill white women are now traveling to Kenya for some young African booty. The young Kenyan boys are hitting their over the hill white booties hard and getting nicely paid.

Nice work if you can get it.

The white women who are getting their freak on in Kenya better watch it, as the country has one of the highest HIV infection rates in Africa. Home girls may be bringing the bug back home.

This has to be a big Christmas Gift

I’m not a big fan of Monopoly, but it might be a bit more fun with a customizable photo-opoly board game.

Sexual Assault on a Vehicle

What's up with you Canadian guys, I need some answers.
A man was arrested for sitting on a BMW at a Home Show and publicly...lubing his balljoint. The auto had to be washed down after he unfortunately...flushed his radiator all over it.
Reportedly he gets aroused by certain cars, including a 1967 Camaro and a 1955 Chevy Bel Air, and blames the owners for buying the cars because it tempts him to “pleasure” himself.
Have some pride, Canadians, next thing you know, you'll be fondling Yugos and Trabants down at the salvage yard.

Paris is Burning ......again!

The return of the YOUEEs (Youths of Undetermined Ethnic Extraction).
The Peugeot Pyrotechnics are off and running in Paris again. Fires raged and mobs rioted in the Paris suburbs Monday night after two boys, aged 15 and 16, died when their mini-motorcycle hit a police car. At least sixty policemen have been injured, and a school gym has gone up in flames.

Le Parisien reports that they burned down a Peugeot dealership, sacked a train station and shops, tore up a McDonald’s, stole the day’s receipts and attacked customers, smashed and burned cars, and are still going strong. I think the cars were all 2003's, its probably the only way to get them off the lot.
Violence is spreading from Villiers le Bel to a dozen neighboring communities. The insurgents are using firebombs, iron rods, baseball bats, and firing buckshot.
So is Baghdad now safer than Paris? Oh, the irony. Go get 'em, Sarko!

Deer jumps Police Car

Though the car usually wins in a battle of car-versus-deer, it's almost always a hollow victory as the damage to the vehicle can be immense. A Jackson County, Missouri sheriff's deputy is grateful this large, white-tailed deer was able to completely clear the hood of his patrol car. No word if the deer was put up to this as a dare or he was just showing off.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Stag Parties in Prague

Prague and Stag Parties.
The authorities in Prague are getting a little bored with the half-million Brits who go over there to get drunk and laid each year. Not all that much of a surprise actually. So, they want to attract a more up-market crowd, and good luck to them:
Tourism officials were planning an advertising campaign in London that would focus on the culinary experience that Prague could offer. The hope was that it would attract more refined tourists rather than the rowdy crowds."Food here is as good as in London. We don't need nightclubs or prostitutes to attract visitors," The food is as good as London?.....someone needs to take marketing 101!
I'm not sure that's quite the way to attract upscale tourists when Britian's national cuisine is based upon dumplings. The Telegraph also linked to an older piece of theirs which had this wonderful quote:
Many are in favour of the British men, even if they cause havoc. "If the British take advantage of the cheapness of our city that's OK. It's economics," said Inspector Daniel Kolar of the Prague police. "In any case, they are more pleasant drunk than the Germans are when they're sober."

How Brussels regulates our every day lives

An article in Der Spiegel looks at EU regulation and reports that "The European Commission in Brussels wants to protect European citizens even more effectively against danger and disease. Soon there will be a well-intended - but mostly completely unnecessary - regulation for every aspect of life...
It seems only a matter of time before Brussels' compulsion to control everything is subjected to a nonsense standard, which would recognise anything that causes 25 of 100 adult EU citizens to shake their heads in disbelief for a period of at least 30 seconds as general lunacy...
For example, many European cities and regions, at Brussels' behest, are now developing so-called noise maps. To produce the maps, precise noise readings must be taken on every street... Some communities have already completed the mammoth project, while others are dragging their feet. All are furious about the new requirement. "We are drowning in a sea of data," complains Munich Mayor Christian Ude.
And in the end, no matter how costly the measuring process is, the results reveal what everyone has known all along: that it's louder on busy, high-traffic streets than in exclusive, villa-filled residential neighborhoods with maximum speed limits of 30 kilometers per hour.
Like Munich, many cities developed noise maps years ago. But now Brussels is dictating a new set of criteria, which means that the entire process has to be repeated from scratch. It's 'a lot of bureaucracy' and 'completely useless,' says Ude." READ DER SPEIGEL

MEDICAL TOURISM This will be fun!

Europeans travelling abroad for health care, ranging from dental work to open heart surgery, will have their treatment funded by their insurance.
They will simply have to pay their travel and accommodation costs, plus any top-up fees if charges in the foreign hospital are higher than local costs.
Because, of course, any such rights in the EU apply to everyone.
The plans say that patients should not be given drugs or treatments that their own state system does not fund, and that where there are waiting lists, domestic patients should have priority over foreign patients. Beyond that, EU residents would be free to travel for non-emergency care in any of its 27 countries.
But I would assume that it would be only people who would be eligible in the home country for care who would be eligible in another for care. And it isn’t true that all EU health care systems are in fact universal ones..... not at all.
Look at the withdrawal of French health care from early retirees for example (I think the reason is that they’re not of an age to get pensioners’ care an also have no income which is subject to the health care tax).
So the first necessity will be for each and every hospital in the EU to become expert in the eligibility standards of 27 different health care systems. Plus, of course, in the treatments and drugs available.

So an English woman treated in France for breast cancer would be denied Herceptin, as she would at home, while a Scot or French one, in the same hospital, under the same oncologist, might get it.

What a tangled web we weave.. READ TELEGRAPH

Thalys 10 Euro sale to Germany

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in Germany, Thalys is having a special sale on its tickets from Belgium to Aachen and Cologne. Tickets are EUR 10 each way in second class and EUR 29 in first (roundtrip not mandatory). You can buy the tickets online now through next Thursday, November 29 for travel between December 15, 2007 and February 29, 2008.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Belgium Politics on Display

A sketch with comedian Francis Pirette satirizing the Belgian Politicians has become a comedy hit on Youtube. Although I find most French comedy about as funny as Jerry Lewis, this comes through as funny, even if you don't understand French. Watching politics in Belgium is like an episode of the Three Stooges anyway, you don't need words, just watch the action! LESOIR

Saturday, November 24, 2007

WW II Memorial Dedication

The city of Jumierge, a small town near Bastogne, will dedicate a memorial to the American Soldiers of the 17th Airborne Division that gave their life for the town during the Battle of the Bulge.
A group of several of the veterans will be on hand for the ceremony scheduled for December 15th at 10:30am. This is a good way to see a piece of history acknowledged and meet some of those who made it happen.
Jumierge is located about 5 miles northwest of Bastogne just off the N4.


BRUCE Springsteen and The E Street Band are in the middle of their first major tour of the US, UK and Europe in five years and will be in Antwerp at the Sportpaleis on December 12th. Tickets start at 64 Euros.

Springsteen's new album Magic was released this past October.


Get Ready For The Studs Ball

SexyTie.com | How To Tie A Tie | The Full Windsor Knot. - Funny video clips are a click away

As you might want to wear a tie to the ball, the art of tie-tieing is not a given to all men… ask around in the female part of your circle of friends. Many of those will have to help out their hubbies or boyfriends.
Although I do find that a sexy idea, as the the tie sometimes leads to other pregame rituals...a real man should be able to get this done on his own. A simple search on youTube for ‘how to tie a tie’ yields 92 million results, all with one simple flaw…every one uses a male model, usually an old dude or a web geek, to do the instructing. While this approach may be perfectly functional, its just not all that fun. SexyTie.com has taken it to the next level. Beautiful women are the stars of these tasteful instructional videos. What better way for STUDS to learn how to tie a tie, than from a totally hot actress?

Male Psychcology 101

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Male Psychology but Were Afraid to Ask
Crying Hot Chick: I don't understand why you spent half the night telling me all the reasons you can't be with me and then wanted to have sex with me anyway!
Any Straight Male: Uh, you were pretty... And naked.

Ice Kingdom opens in Belgium

An amazing exhibition featuring 400 tons of sculpted ice has opened in Belgium.
It features an array of sculptures cut out of crystal clear ice which has been shipped in specially from Canada.
The annual exhibition is limited to the next seven weeks - while temperatures remain low enough to keep the sculptures intact.

The Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival will open its ice gates on the Station-square in Bruges on Friday November 23rd. This ice-cold experience will continue until Sunday January 13th. The festival is open non-stop each day from 1000 – 1900 hours, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day included.

Friday, November 23, 2007

X-Rated Anthems sinks England

"Football fan websites in Croatia want a medal for the British singer whose X-rated rendition of the country's national anthem apparently helped the team to beat England. Opera singer Tony Henry mis-pronounced a key line in the national anthem before Wednesday's match and sang 'my penis is a mountain' to the delight of the Croat players."
The anthem is written in the old Croat style. Instead of singing "Mila kuda si planina", which translates "You know my dear how we love your mountains", he sang "Mila kura si planina" - "My dear, my penis is a mountain".....maybe their was some truth to that?
Croatian players Vedran Corluka and Luka Modric were seen grinning at each other when they heard the mistake, and fans said it relaxed the team and helped them to their 3-2 victory. TELEGRAPH


Video proof that the word dude can be substituted for all other words in the (American) English language. Bud Light video of one guy who has mastered his "Dudeness" to get through life.

Belgians are hugging in Leuven

On Wednesday some 400 Flemish and Francophone students hugged each other on the square in Leuven as a show of solidarity between the country's two main communities.
One of the organisers said that they didn't want to promote political ideas, just wanted to send a positive and warm signal in times of crisis. The hug-in was staged under the slogan "Belgians are hugging" and was organised to show support for solidarity between the majority Flemish and minority Francophone communities in Belgium.
The students also called on people to sign the trade union petition in favour of solidarity between Belgians.

Everybody taking part got a free pint of lager......ahhhh, the lengths college students will go to for some free beer. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Brussels wants to scrap labels saying 'Made in Britain'

The European Commission is considering introducing a "made in the EU" label for food and drinks, aimed at identifying products made in the European Union.
If implemented it would leave British consumers unable to tell where the contents of their shopping basket come from in the EU.
The rule would apply even if the final product is based on imported foodstuffs.
Only meat would be exempt, so that goods such as Danish bacon and Parma ham could be identified by their origin.
In the words of one Brit......England shall remain England! or at least until Brussels gets involved! Then you shall be EU with no identity, no currency, no banner, no gender and no control over your own country!

In the words of a Dusty Springfield song from the 60s -"Little by little by little by little by little..." READ BUSINESS WEEK

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Just in case you haven't heard...today is Thanksgiving, at least in the States. Belated Thanksgiving to our hoser friends up there in the Great White North.
Also known as Black Friday Eve, as a large portion of morons will be lining up at stores at 3 in the morning, to stand outside in the cold for 3 hours for the privilege of maxing out their credit cards and plunge themselves into their own budget deficit hell.

Thank you all for coming here. I really appreciate the odd, somewhat demented comments and feedback you provide me.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow morons. May your feast be delicious, the company congenial, and your football teams victorious. And if you're cooking, may someone else do the dishes.

God Bless America, and all the morons therein.

Except for hippies, the Global Warming moonbats, and PETA, PCRM, and CSPI. Stay out of my kitchen and keep your ridiculous poppycock to yourself. Now go away......or I will taunt you!

Warm Beer to Cold Beer, in Seconds

New Zealand’s third Nobel Prize for Chemistry seems guaranteed after Kent Hodgson, a 22 year old student from Albany, New Zealand has revolutionized the way mankind will cool beer after inventing a gadget that can chill a can of warm beer in a matter of seconds. Since I can barely change the batteries in my remote control, I’ll let Kent explain:
"You have plastic cooling cells which are pressed down into the dock which houses the liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid CO2 expands and is pressurized into dry ice in the base of the cooling cells ... in a moment. You then pop it into your drink and then proceed from there as you normally would."
Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get it either. This is big news Down Under as this is the start of their summer season, and it seems that warm beer is a blight on their culture.

Damn Kiwi’s probably think they're pretty smart. Well up here, in Minnesota, we also have a device that can chill warm beer in seconds, we call it a snowbank.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

British Women have the Biggest Boobs

BRITISH women have the biggest breasts in Europe, a survey revealed yesterday.
The poll for bra maker 'Triumph' found that more than half the women need a D cup or larger. Denmark was second on 50 per cent, then Holland with 36 per cent. Smallest were the Italians where 68 per cent had a size B.
The Swedes and the Swiss had the largest number of A cup sizes at 14 per cent.
Ok, 57% D-cups sounds good, but we need more data, like, what percentage of those are carrying around really fat arses? Cuz, for me, D-cups with a gigundo arse just ain't workin. Tree stump legs are also bad.
Read the DETAILS

if you aren't paying enough taxes, move to Belgium

A new World Bank report confirms Belgium's position as a high tax economy. The survey was carried out by the International Finance Corporation and the auditors Price Waterhouse Coopers.
With 44.2% of GDP going in tax, Belgium was ranked 154th in the world.
The report reveals that the average Belgian company has to hand over 64.3% of its profits to the taxman. FLANDERS NEWS

BRING YOUR OWN WINE to the restaurant

Bring your own bottle of wine and open it in the restaurant? Now you can, thanks to the "Cork Fee" concept. Bring Your Own ("BYO") is the name of a curious practice that has recently appeared in the wine and food service world. The idea? To sample your own wine in the restaurant, with the restaurateur's agreement. Started in Australia, and very popular in the UK, the BYO concept has landed in Belgium. Throughout the country, some 40 restaurants have already converted to the system. The customer can therefore bring their own wine to the table.
In return, you pay the restaurateur a cork fee of at most €15. A bargain for both parties. Certain establishments set the bar much lower, or even authorise this alternative free of charge.
The list of BYO restaurateurs, which will probably lengthen in the months to come, can be found on the http://www.droitdebouchon.be/ website.
A website that, for each restaurant, provides a detailed description and a broad range of advice for matching the wine to the dishes served at that restaurant.

What do Deer Think?

Ted Nugent, rock star and avid bow hunter from Michigan, was being interviewed by a French journalist and animal rights activist.
The discussion came around to deer hunting. The journalist asked, 'What do you think is the last thought in the head of a deer before you shoot him?
Is it, 'Are you my friend?' or is it 'Are you the one who killed my brother?'
Nugent replied, 'Deer aren't capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is, 'What am I going to eat next, who am I going to screw next, and can I run fast enough to get away. They are very much like the French.'
The interview ended at that point...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Nora's a pin-up - at 102!

There has to be a limit to this stuff....and please nobody ask me for pictures, they're is only so far i'll go.

ALE be damned - 102-year-old pensioner Nora Hardwick poses topless and becomes one of the oldest women ever to appear in a nude calendar.
The former-councillor, from Lincolnshire, became Miss November to raise cash for her local football team, Ancaster Athletic.

Pub regular Nora - who covered her chest with a strategically-placed scarf - downed a small glass of whiskey before getting her kit off. "They draped a bit of pink cloth around my shoulders, but at my age I just don't have the model body to be taking it all off," she said. "It was all very tastefully done. You couldn't see any of my bits or anything."
She told us: "I'd never done anything like it before - and I doubt I will again.
"I just thought 'go for it' and I'm so glad I did!"

Mrs Hardwick, who already has two great-great grandchildren, said her own children Maureen, 80, Janice, 74 and Robert, 62, had been very supportive.
Calendars will be available at £6 each

Belgian Beers Win Prizes

Belgian beer breweries won prizes in several categories of the 'European Beer Stars Awards in Nürnberg, Germany. The competition took place during the Nürnberg beer fair 'Brau Beviale'. More than 570 beers were judged and awards prizes in 40 different categories.
Affligem Brewery got the gold medal for its blond abbey beer named after the brewery. The Affligem Double and Affligem Triple yeasting brews were awarded silver medals. Affligem Brewery is in Affligem, East Flanders.

Het Anker Brewery from Mechelen won a gold medal for its 'Gouden Carolus' classic. The brewery De Landstheer in Antwerp province was awarded a gold medal for 'Malheur 10°' ( French for bad luck!).The brewery De Halve Maan from Bruges received a silver medal for its 'Brugse Zo't and a bronze medal for its 'Brugse Zot Double' brew. ( Dutch for 'crazy'.)
Silver medals also went to the Brouwerij Roman brewery in the East Flemish town of Oudenaarde for its 'Sloeber', and to De Ryck brewery in Herzele, also in East Flanders, for its 'Arend triple'.

RYANAIR Calender Pictures

It went over so well so well the first time, you're back for more?

Fight for Kisses

Sigmund Freud might have something to say about the new Wilkinson campaign from France that exploits Edipus Complex to promote a razor, but ask any new dad - there's an element of jealousy when the little 'bundle of joy' gets more love and attention than you do and Wilkinson taps into this.

In a world of razor ads that make me generally scream and throw something at the television, this is brilliant! VIEW VIDEO

Alcohol Consumption Per Capita

Thanks to the magic of the internet and the vision of obviously bored people at Unusual Maps, we can now see the average number of litres of alcohol consumed per capita based on data from 2003.

Interesting to note that they drink the most booze in Luxembourg. This is most likely a cry for help by the Luxembourgers, as no one likes to be the country referred to in terms of, "What the hell is a Luxembourg?" We should remember the Luxumbourgians and the next time you see some passed out drunk in a ditch, look to your friend and say, "Check that guy out, he must have been Luxembourged last night".

Sunday, November 18, 2007

35,000 demonstrate for Belgian unity

35,000 Belgians demonstrated in Brussels Sunday against the inability to form a government and against arguments between the linguistic communities. The initiative came from a civil servant in Liege who started a petition demanding that the politicians focus on the 'real' problems in the country.

No chubbies in New Zealand

Maybe if we start lobbying now, we could get this put in the next comprehensive immigration reform bill.
New Zealand immigration officials are keeping a U.K. wife from joining her husband "down under" because they say she is too fat, the Daily Mail reports.
The regulations were supposedly put into place for budget reasons. The country's health care system cannot afford to open its doors to overweight immigrants, a spokesman for New Zealand's Fight the Obesity Epidemic.
Now we know why Michael Moore never went to New Zealand for medical treatment in "Sicko."

Splitting Up Belgium

Here's One for you fans of the information coming out of financial markets:
The spreads over German bonds have jumped from four to 17 as questions grow about the long-term status of Belgium's €278 billion (£198 billion) public debt.
Those markets are indicating that many more people think Belgium will break up. Real money tends to bitch slap people into reality a bit. If it does, there'll have to be some allocation of that debt to the various places that then become sovereign:
"The Belgian Treasury has no plan at all. They could think about two systems: one where the debt is guaranteed as a whole by the two regions. Or they could split it between the two regions, but that is not easy because they have different credit ratings.
"Flanders has AAA, while Brussels and Wallonia are lower,"
Be nice to buy Belgian debt at AA+ and end up with Flanders at AAA, wouldn't it? But that isn't, unfortunately, what's likely to happen in the event of a break up. If markets aren't what you use instead of tea leaves, how about this?
There is an online petition site calling for Belgian unity with stickers and posters up all over Brussels, the glory of it is that all the slogans are in English as they wouldn't dare put them in either of the big national languages.
Difficult to argue for national unity if you have to use a foreign language to unite your supporters really, isn't it?

Belgians stream to London to watch a guy piss in a cup

In what has got to be one of the strangest ad campaigns i've ever seen, advertisements meant to draw Belgians to London, one depicting a shirtless skinhead, whose back is painted with the English flag, urinating into a tea cup, have drawn mixed reaction from train passengers in London and Belgium.
What is there really to say? The Brits are losing it? A skinhead is fun? Let me book the next flight to London I can't wait to hang out with some skinheads...

Does the fact that we have the Mannequin Piss lead the British to believe we all have a fascination with peeing?

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thank you for your interest in the slightest chance you may see some skin.

Glad to see you guys are interested in anything that has a hint of free porn. According to web stats I average about 5-600 hits a day for readers of this blog. If you look at the last line of the previous post on the Wall Street Journal, I'm assuming you didn't bother to READ that, because it had no pictures....... Slate editor Jacob Weisberg says: It's all "pornography of one kind or another." Nothing could be more true!

Yesterday, with the post on Ryanair and the nude calender, my hits shot up to 2777, with it already at 500+ when I got up this morning. Checking my search engine stats, practically any variation of the word "nude" led new readers to the blog.
I want to thank you all for your perverted interests, come to Brussels and join the STUDS, try the Belgian beer, frites, and chocolate, you'll fit right in. We throw in the daily comedy adventures of one the most dysfunctional governments the world has ever seen....free of charge!

Web Sites "Tear Down That Wall"

Rupert Murdoch's announcement this week that he expects to stop charging for access to the Wall Street Journal's Web site is the latest example of a publisher giving up on the subscription-based business model -- a significant shift in the evolution of online content.
In recent months, the Economist, the New York Times and the Financial Times have all moved content out from "behind the wall," an industry metaphor for the location of paid online content.
The lesson seems to be that online consumers will pay only for niche content of intense interest to them -- such as specialized industry news from trade publications, inside sports news, gambling tips, pornography and so on. As Slate editor Jacob Weisberg puts it: It's all "pornography of one kind or another." READ WASHINGTON POST

Friday, November 16, 2007

The girls of Ryanair

The Ryanair Calendar is now on sale onboard all Ryanair flights starting Saturday November 17th, with all proceeds benefiting charity Angels Quest, which provides respite care for children with special needs.
I have some special needs of my own, my wife calls it charity work too.

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary has revealed his latest wheeze to squeeze a bit more cash out of his customers, though this time the proceeds will go to charity, rather than straight to his bottom line.
My immediate reaction was to wonder whether O’Leary was trying to encourage his cabin crew to wear clothes less regularly, in order to save ‘wear and tear’ costs. But apparently the plan is to raise money for children’s charity Angels Quest. So although it may sound like the kind of exploitative misogynist stunt that would antagonise feminists everywhere..... never mind, I'm sure it will anyway.
Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to peruse the calendar, so I'm unable to judge whether it provides good value for money. But judging by Ryanair’s typical mark-up on a Kit-Kat, I'm guessing that it might be cheaper to head down to your local library and pick up a Maxim instead…"We are seriously considering making that the new inflight uniform," leers the Ryanair boss, who's planning to sell 15,000 copies at €5 a pop for a children's charity. O'Leary hints the airline's forthcoming charitable work may also include "a sneak preview of the Aer Lingus 2009 calendar with some granny in a swimsuit".

VLM Airlines beats the train to London

VLM claims there is no faster way of getting to London than with their airline. Yesterday, Eurostar launched it’s shortened travel time to London, with 1 hour 50 minutes time of the actual journey (actually, only one train of the 10 daily trains to London has this travel time), VLM Airlines is still the fastest even when taking various travel aspects into consideration. When departing for London, passengers need to get the check-in, complete the actual journey and then make their way to their final destination in London.

Even on the Kings Day, He gets a slap in the Face

When Crown Prince Philippe mounted the steps of St. Michael's Cathedral for a King's Day service, some Flemish separatists leapt close to him shouting in Dutch, "Belgium be damned" before police took them away, handcuffed.
"Long live Belgium" shouted other bystanders.
On Sunday, "Belgicistes" — those who favor holding the kingdom together despite its bitter division between Dutch-speakers and Francophones — will counterattack with a "March for Unity."
They hope to rally 30,000 to Brussels to support the black, yellow and red tricolor. At the end of the march Belgian beer and fries will be for sale.

Ahhhhh... the only two things holding Belgiam together at this point.

On Thursday, Francophone politicians were livid because Flanders had refused to confirm three French-speaking mayors who won elections in Flemish towns bordering the linguistic divide, because they made the horrid mistake of speaking FRENCH at a council meeting.
Last week, they were equally angry when Flemish politicians used their majority in a parliamentary committee to push through a preliminary vote seeking to break up a bilingual electoral district in their favor.
Meanwhile the Flemish antichrist (Madame Non), Christian Democrat counterpart Joelle Milquet, stepped up on her pulpit to utter "In one week, twice a slap in the face." HERALD TRIBUNE

Swedish women go topless to protest their right to... go topless.

A group of Swedish female activists, Bara Brost (Bare Breasts or Just Breasts), one of you Scandi STUDS help me out here, is campaigning for women to be allowed to go topless in the country's swimming pools.
According to UPI, Bara Brost spokeswomen Astrid Hellroth and Liv Ambjornsson told Ottar, a magazine published by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education: "We want our breasts to be as 'normal' and desexualized as men's, so that we too can pull off our shirts at football matches."

As it's a STUDS rule that any story about breasts has to feature a picture of them, for once, get this, the women baring their breasts are actually hot.
Come to a STUDS lunch, ladies, where you have the right to take off whatever you want.

How to start your own business in Brussels

There are probably better places, but if you want to give it a go, attend the ING Belgium and Bulletin seminar on 'How to start your own business in Brussels.' The main topics will be: Setting up a business in Brussels - Brussels Enterprise Agency, Comparison on starting a business in Belgium and the surrounding countries from a legal and fiscal perspective .
Deloitte and a Presentation by ING on the services from banks and insurance companies to facilitate setting up shop in Belgium. Registration required due to limited seating: ciron@ackroyd.be - If you are unable to attend but would like some information please request by email.

Thu 22 Nov 2007 at 17:30
ING Auditorium 24 Avenue Marnix
1000 Brussels (entrance via Rue du Trône)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

American Womens Club Holiday Bazaar

The American Women's Club of Brussels will be holding their 42nd annual holiday bazaar on Saturday November 17th from 10am until 5pm and Sunday November 18th, from 10am until 4pm.
This years Holiday Bazaar will be comprised of inside and outside vendors offering a large and unique selection of holiday seasonal products and exquisite gifts. The products are often handcrafted and high quality items coming from artisans across Europe. The bazaar will be held at St John's International School, Dreve Richelle 146, 1410 Waterloo. For more information please visit www.awcb.org

I Guess White People Can Dance!

The Newly Married Couple's First Dance. This has got to make you smile just a bit.

Achtung! The Germans want to join the Party

It might be a good idea to pay attention when the Germans want something. Belgians who speak German -- a semi-autonomous community of 70,000 are feeling left out.
Belgium's forgotten German-speaking community is starting to speak up about the squabbles of compatriots that have left the country in political deadlock for over five months.
"It's always about the Dutch and the French-speaking communities and I'm a little disappointed that they don't even talk about us," said Henri Sparla, a senior citizen.
And where else can you get Mini Dickmans?

How the weak dollar is like, killing your buzz, man

When I was in college, the bud from the Pacific Northwest was the good stuff one had to get from a trusted dealer, and the Mexican stuff was the cheap shit the guys in the know mixed with oregano and sold you (not that I would know from personal experience). This was back when the dollar was strong, imports were cheap and my roommate was friends with a dealer called The Magic Man. Alas, those days are no more, and not just because my old roommate is married and The Magic Man is likely in prison.
I took some sort of economics class, where I vaguely remember something like strong dollar=cheap imports, weak dollar=cheap exports. Econ classes taught me this was good for America.

Canadian bud is becoming more and more expensive and scarce, forcing potheads everywhere to start using cheap Mexican crap. damn NAFTA. Canadian jobs for Canadians, man!
How the weak dollar is like, killing your buzz, man

Studs Lunch with the University Kids



It's the end of the World as we know it!

Saint Nicholas Gets a Hohohoectomy
There’ll be no ho, ho, ho this Christmas. Aspiring Santas have been told not to use the term “ho” because it could be seen as derogatory to women.
Thirty trainees at a Santa course in Adelaide last month, held by recruitment company Westaff, were urged to replace the traditional festive greeting with “ha, ha, ha”.A Santa veteran of 11 years who attended the course told the Sunday Mail the trainer was very clear in spelling out no to “ho”.
Two Santa hopefuls reportedly left the course after the trainer’s edict.The term “ho” is also American slang for a prostitute. “We were told it (ho) was a derogatory term for females and can upset people,” said the Santa, who did not want to be identified publicly.“As far as I’m concerned, a hoe is something you dig the ground with…
I wouldn't exactly call the term "ho" an American slang term though. In today's America only "certain Americans" are allowed to use that term, ask Don Imus!

A Search For A British Motto

An attempt by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to find a national motto has turned up its share of good, bad and ugly suggestions. Among the good:
"Great people, great country, Great Britain"--"Courage, reason, humanity, democracy, monarchy"--"A country so brave and true".Among the bad and ugly:
"Drinking continues until morale improves"--"Our glass is half empty"--"Fat, rude arrogant, racist, selfish"--"Sorry it's all our fault"--"We apologise for the inconvenience"--"No balls, nerve or glory".I've decided to add a few suggestion to try to help. I'm a helper, that's what I do best: "Teeth: they are completely over-rated"

I'm sure you will have a few suggestions of your own. Let's help our British brothers find a motto that suits them to a tee. After all, they would do it for us.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What a Wonderful World we live in!

Bigger busts lead M&S to introduce the J-cup bra.
What was that evolution thing? Did they mention women would have outrageously large breasts in the future?
Anyway, it's a rule in the media (particularly the British media) that any story about breasts or sex must have a picture to accompany it, just in case you're not sure what breasts or naked people might look like.
I'm just following the rules here, guys.