Monday, November 12, 2007

France to annex Belgium

Well not quite, but the French public seems ready for it. Here are the results of a just released Ifop poll for Le Journal du Dimanche, taken on November 8th.
Very favorable 10%

Rather favorable 44%

Rather unfavorable 18%

Not at all favorable 23%

No opinion 5%
Someone should ask the Belgians first. Here are just a couple of the comments on the poll listed above.
"Still it would be necessary to ask the Wallonians if they wish for it! As for me, I am a Belgian francophone and I refuse to become French!"
"No thank you. We do not want to live in North Africa!"
Meanwhile, up north.......Almost half the Dutch population is positive towards a merger between the Netherlands and Flanders. The newspaper DAG reported this on Monday after an opinion poll by Maurice de Hond.
The poll showed that 45 percent of the Dutch would support a union with Flanders. The majority however, 49 percent, would be opposed to such a merger. The supporters are largely people who would vote for Geert Wilders. It is remarkable that 80 percent of the respondents said they "liked Flemings."
The opinion poll is a reaction to the government crisis that has dragged on for months in Belgium. The Walloons and Flemings have been unable to form a government since elections in June because of fundamental disagreement on the future of the country.

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