Friday, November 16, 2007

Even on the Kings Day, He gets a slap in the Face

When Crown Prince Philippe mounted the steps of St. Michael's Cathedral for a King's Day service, some Flemish separatists leapt close to him shouting in Dutch, "Belgium be damned" before police took them away, handcuffed.
"Long live Belgium" shouted other bystanders.
On Sunday, "Belgicistes" — those who favor holding the kingdom together despite its bitter division between Dutch-speakers and Francophones — will counterattack with a "March for Unity."
They hope to rally 30,000 to Brussels to support the black, yellow and red tricolor. At the end of the march Belgian beer and fries will be for sale.

Ahhhhh... the only two things holding Belgiam together at this point.

On Thursday, Francophone politicians were livid because Flanders had refused to confirm three French-speaking mayors who won elections in Flemish towns bordering the linguistic divide, because they made the horrid mistake of speaking FRENCH at a council meeting.
Last week, they were equally angry when Flemish politicians used their majority in a parliamentary committee to push through a preliminary vote seeking to break up a bilingual electoral district in their favor.
Meanwhile the Flemish antichrist (Madame Non), Christian Democrat counterpart Joelle Milquet, stepped up on her pulpit to utter "In one week, twice a slap in the face." HERALD TRIBUNE

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