Thursday, July 31, 2008

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Airlines are doubling checked bag fee

That second checked bag better be full of $100 bills or at least cocaine, because you're gonna need it with these new extra fees announced today.
Less than 3 months after introducing the first extra fees for a second checked bag, Delta airlines has resorted to doubling said fee. It will now cost you at least $50 to bring that second bag with you.

Consumer inflation rate in Belgium at highest level in 24 years

It's not all bad news though....while the local peasants are starving, the American monthly magazine, Vanity Fair, has picked Belgium's Princess Mathilde for it's International Best-Dressed List 2008. What, they didn't have a list for dysfunctional royal families?

The consumer inflation rate has accelerated to 5.91 percent on yearly basis this month, according to statistics supplied by the Federal Economy Department. This means consumer inflation has reached its highest level since 1984.
The inflation rate on monthly basis was at 0.53 percent this month. Statistics also show that life has become almost 13 percent more expensive over the past four years.

Soaring energy prices are the main contributory factor to the high inflation rates. Apart from natural gas, a number of other things have become a lot more expensive over the past few weeks, including fruit, potatoes and fire insurance policies.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This will buy you a Big Mac...but no fries

Next time someone complains about the 3% inflation rate, tell them to shut the hell up, and remind them that Zimbabwe’s inflation rate is officially listed at 2.2 million percent (2,200,000%)…
Zimbabwe’s bank chief plans new currency reforms _ removing “more zeros” from the plummeting Zimbabwe dollar and raising the limit on cash withdrawals _ to tackle the country’s runaway inflation and cash shortages.
Ryanair is the Irish airline that brings new meaning to the term 'discount travel', and the Ryanair Girls Calender. The low fares you get with these guys would even give JetBlue blue balls (whatever that means?). But even these notorious price slasher are experiencing the decline in consumer air travel and the rise in fuel costs.

Despite announcing a potential 60 million euro ($94.41 million) loss this week, the company refuses to institute oil surcharges or cutback on any flight routes. Shares of Ryanair stock also dropped 22% upon the announcement.
Laughing in the face of all the Ryanair positive spin, one analyst has told the company to basically 'get real.' According to a BBC News report:

What's your definition of the perfect body

Christ, drink a couple Westveterlan, turn out the lights, and any one of the three, or all three, will do just fine!

A survey conducted to men and women by Fabulous Magazine on the female body, what they prefer, what they would change, etc, revealed some not-so-startling results:

50% of Walloons say, lets join France...including me!

I don't think the French would take them though. Why not ally them with the Quebecois and create a new nation of Francophone rejects.

If Belgium should be split, almost half of the people living below the language divide, in Wallonia, would not object to Wallonia becoming a part of France.
According to a poll carried out by the Francophone Belgian daily Le Soir and the French daily La Voix du Nord, 49 percent of Walloon citizens would not object to Wallonia being incorporated into France.

I don't think the French would take them though. Why not ally them with the Quebecois and create a new nation of Francophone rejects.

The same poll, conducted among some 1,500 people, shows that 60 percent of French respondents support the idea.
23 percent of Walloon respondents think that Belgium will really cease to exist, but 59 percent say our country will not disappear.
However, the political crisis in Belgium is "serious" according to 93 percent of the people taking part in the poll.

"Wallonia and France are quite close already"
The Flemish public broadcaster VRT went to Brussels to listen to the man in the street.
"Belgium wil disappear, that's for sure. If there is a majority in Flanders to split the country up... it's like in a relationship. If your wife wants to go, she is off", says one French-speaking man.
"Wallonia becoming a part of France would have one big advantage. We would only have one government. One, instead of six!" says another man.
"Wallonia and France are quite close", a French-speaking woman tells reporters. "We speak the same language and have the same mentality."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The proper way to pronounce Oklahoma

I never knew this. I guess I had been pronouncing it incorrectly,
but I never knew the story behind it..

There is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce Oklahoma

The proper way is:

Okla .. . . Homa
(There's a pause between the 'a' and the 'h'.)

Drink it quick before those Belgian waffle humpers change the formula

Sunday, July 27, 2008

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

Just a crazy catch for a Little Leaguer

Happy Hooker swaps Penthouse for Dutch Bed & Breakfast

THE “happy hooker” who was deported from America after writing a bestseller about running a New York brothel is “back in the bed business”, as she puts it, this time managing a Dutch bed and breakfast.
Xaviera Hollander has lost none of the frankness or sense of fun for which she became famous after the appearance in 1971 of The Happy Hooker, her account of life as New York’s most successful madame.
“I’m 65 and my boobs are hanging but I’ve just married this man 10 years younger than me,” she said in Amsterdam. “I’m having a great time.”

Mugabe has made all his people Billionaires

A quarter of a trillion dollars will get you a burger, but the fries are extra.
Stop the press: Mugabe is out of Monopoly money
The Sydney Morning Herald says Zimbabwe is about to run out of the paper to print money on.

Jobs in Belgium

Three young Belgian boys were fighting over whose dad was the best."

The Flemish boy said my dad is so good he can shoot an arrow, run after it, get in front of it, and catch it in his bare hands.""

The boy from the German part of Belgium said," my dad is so good that he can shoot a gun, run after the bullet, get in front of it and catch it in his bare hands.""

I've got you both beat said the Walloon boy. My dad works for the Belgian government. He gets off work at 5:00 and is home by 4:30."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nike drops ads deemed homophobic

Nike's new ad campaign for its Hyperdunk shoes features a series of pictures of basketball players getting dunked on in what's considered the worst way possible.... the dunker dangling off the rim, his balls dangling in the face of the man being dunk-ee. They all have dynamic slogans like "That Ain't Right!"

Now they are being pulled for being homophobic....worrying about whether or not this ad is homophobic has to be the biggest sign yet, of the coming end of civilization as we know it...

Maybe Nike needs to make an ad about football players slapping each other's asses and reaching between each other's legs. As a card-carrying straight, I can categorically state that I wouldn't want someone's sweaty ass crack in my face during a basketball game.
Last week's announcement that Belgium-based InBev was buying out Anheuser-Busch left some AB connoisseurs with tears in their beers. The protectionism inherent in such protests against the buyout is silly at best and dangerous at worst.

Since the deal was officially announced, Web sites like and have gathered individuals opposed to the foreign buyout. Artists like Phil McClary and Jeff Blackwell wrote songs in protest of the deal. “I was actually drinking a Bud Light when I heard, and I couldn't even finish it,” McClary said, according to CNN. “That's the honest-to-God truth.”
Right. Now stop whining and drink your beer.........

Friday, July 25, 2008

Dwarf pops out of suitcase at airport counter

It's not as fun as a dwarf cage match, but its a close second.
Swedish airport staff were not amused when a team from a TV comedy show tried to check in a suitcase with a dwarf inside.
Employees at Bromma airport called police when the dwarf hopped out of the suitcase at the check-in counter.
Police soon found that it was a stunt being filmed by a hidden camera for a program on private TV network Kanal 5.

Police spokesman Mats Eriksson says airport staff decided against filing charges even though they were "shocked and humiliated" by Wednesday's stunt.
Kanal 5 spokesman Dan Panas told Swedish news agency TT that the show was meant to be "provocative and entertaining."
He said the stunt was not meant to make fun of little people, but to make entertainment out of "extreme situations."

Drunk truck driver spoils holiday fun

The first sunny day of the summer encouraged many Flemings to head for the coast on Thursday, but the Brussels - Ostend motorway was closed from 7AM until 4PM due to an accident.

The truck driver was found to be over the drink drive limit. He zigzagged over the carriageway and crashed into the pillar of a bridge outside Ghent.
The truck that turned on its side was carrying 26,000 litres of hydrochloric acid.
The content needed to be transferred to another lorry before the motorway could be reopened.
At one point there was a 17 km tailback as a result of the accident. Red Cross workers handed out bottles of water to stranded drivers

Please don't break the internet

Bud has some competition ass

Gas prices in Amish Country

Beck's gets into the game....his wife...not so much!


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walloon terroists are blowing up Flemish hamburger stands!

Not really, but it sounded legit eh? Belgians should probably stick to the frites and leave the burgers to the Americans.
The injured all sustained burns.

The Festival of Ghent is the country's largest street party with scores of concerts across the centre of the East Flemish capital.
The festival that started on Saturday runs until next Monday.
The explosion happened at the heart of the revelry in a street near the Belfry and Saint Bavo's Cathedral.
The area attracts large crowds until the early hours.

The explosion happened at 5AM when many people were still partying.
The emergency services were at the scene within seconds.
Ghent chief commissioner Steven De Smet says it was a very big explosion. Several surrounding streets were cleared.

The cause of the blast is the matter of an investigation. It is believed the accident occurred when the stall owner drove his truck over a gas canister.
The stall burned to a cinder.

Modern Warfare

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brussels les Bains

Usually this requires some summer weather......but only in Belgium....

Bathing costumes, sunglasses and suntan lotions will invade for one month the que of the barges of the town of Brussels. Organized from July 18ntil August 17 "Brussels les bains" will transform the Béco basin and the place Sainctelette located in the North of the city in a true seaside resort with multiple activities.

Sports, cultural, shopping events and food stalls will all be found in a larger than life décor made of sand beach, palm trees and other exotic plants. In addition to sun tanning and the many other proposed activities, visitors will be able to throw themselves into various water fountains and other water activities but also enjoy beach related sports such as Beach-Volley or Beach-Soccer.

The King avoids talk about the political crisis in his speech

Much had been expected of the speech the King traditionally has on the eve of the National Holiday, most probably because the TV broadcast of this had been postponed by one day due to the political crisis. However, the King only briefly referred to the political crisis in Belgium.
‘As you all know, we have been experiencing political problems for some time. However, I would like to remind you that problems and crises can lead to revitalisation and quietness. The separation of minds is not a fatality. Unity and tolerance, with a respect for the identity of each federated entity, is the only way out in our democratic society.
We must consider new forms of living together in our country.’ That was all the King had to say after a year-long political crisis. Het laatste Nieuws, however, reminded its readers that the government is actually writing the speech of the King. The King used the rest of his speech to the legacy of his brother, who died 15 years ago. King Albert reminded his people that poverty, human trafficking and juvenile violence were topics that were particularly close to Baudouin’s heart, and which today are still topical.
The King paid specific attention to poverty. He pointed out that one out of seven Belgians (or 14,7%) in our country may be seen as poor today. ‘This percentage is higher than in our neighbouring countries, and we have to steadfastly continue with our efforts to get it significantly lower.’

According to Royalty watcher Jan Van den Berghe, it is noticeable that Albert referred to the deceased King Baudouin. ‘His speech seemed like a desparate message by someone can't cope with the whole political situation any longer. It was a kind of ode to his brother, who had more moral authority and had been able to closely follow the political situation and control it,’ according to Van den Berghe.

Was this the last National Day for Belgium?

The joke at the national celebrations was that yesterday's event could end up being the last one with Belgium splitting apart along linguistic lines. For the moment such predictions seem far-fetched if only because the capital, Brussels, is rooted in Flanders yet has a clear majority Francophone population.

But if the political deadlock drags on for much longer at a time when inflation is running at 5.8 per cent and the Belgian economy is grinding to a halt, who knows where the current impasse will lead the country? READ MORE

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Belgium National Day

Belgians take to the streets of Brussels on 21 July every year with their black, yellow and red flags to celebrate with street festivals, music and a stunning firework display in front of the grand Royal Palace.
Other highlights include free entry to key cultural and royal venues, including the Royal Palace (cour des Comptes), Belgian Parliament (rue de la Lois) and Royal Museums of Art and History (rue de la Régence).The streets fill with musicians, theatre and parades. The army put on a show at place Poelaert, while sport and an arts and crafts market take place on the rue de la Régence.A spectacular firework display ends the festivities at 11pm on the Place des Palais in the centre of town.

This Jupilers for you!

Amid all the patriotic tub-thumping about the recently sealed takeover of Anheuser-Busch, maker of all-American King of Beers Budweiser, by Belgian-Brazilian InBev, one vital fact has gotten lost.
Americans could soon get to drink a lot more, and more unusual, kinds of beers.

InBev says it's looking at "brand strategies" before deciding which new beers to ship across the pond. "Maybe we'll sell a Russian beer in the U.S.," says spokeswoman Marianne Amssoms. InBev owns four breweries in Russia, including one called Tinkov and one called Tolstiak.

Boobs for Belgium

Sending in pictures of your boobs to solve the political crisis in Belgium. Sounds like the best idea I've heard yet, and how can it be any worse than what these idiots have accomplished in the last year.
We will take direct submissions of boobs on this website for any reason.
check out Boobs for Belgium