Friday, November 23, 2007

Brussels wants to scrap labels saying 'Made in Britain'

The European Commission is considering introducing a "made in the EU" label for food and drinks, aimed at identifying products made in the European Union.
If implemented it would leave British consumers unable to tell where the contents of their shopping basket come from in the EU.
The rule would apply even if the final product is based on imported foodstuffs.
Only meat would be exempt, so that goods such as Danish bacon and Parma ham could be identified by their origin.
In the words of one Brit......England shall remain England! or at least until Brussels gets involved! Then you shall be EU with no identity, no currency, no banner, no gender and no control over your own country!

In the words of a Dusty Springfield song from the 60s -"Little by little by little by little by little..." READ BUSINESS WEEK

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