Saturday, November 26, 2011

North St. Paul teacher guilty in prostitution scheme

A substitute teacher for a special-education school in North St. Paul...
Okay, so just how "special" is this education supposed to be? I'm sure this was just a resume enhancer...When she gets out of prison, she has a future with ACORN....or as one of Obama's cabinet members.

A substitute teacher for a special-education school in North St. Paul has admitted to trying to sway a student to engage in prostitution.
Tameshia Leeann Allen-Hodges, 23, of Oakdale was accused of bringing a 21-year-old female student with developmental disabilities to her home, where she took photos of the student in lingerie and suggested she perform sex acts for money. 

Imagine....getting a teacher gig off this resume?

Tameshia Allen-Hodges 
4160 Gershwin Ave North #320
Oakdale, Mn 55128
Objective: Self motivated and dependable customer service representative seeking a position in a fast paced environment. 
Summary:  Strong interpersonal skills are evident in the ability to interface with others at all levels. I can adept in computerized environments. Thorough understanding of client services within fast paced environments. I am a strong professional with the skills and talents necessary to resolve difficulties while maintaining positive relations. 
Centerplate                                                                                       Saint Paul, Mn
Concessions                                                                                      11/2006-05/2007
·        Answered questions from and provided information to customers about merchandise for sale.
·        Aided customers in locating merchandise.
·        Obtained merchandise from stockroom when merchandise was not found on floor.
·        Arranged stock on shelves and racks in sales area.
·        Kept merchandise in order.
·        Marked and ticketed merchandise.
·        Inventoried stock.
·        Successfully handled the register.
·        Successfully handled the money.
·        Executed daily operations of cleaning, stocking, handling money and overall customer service.
Sears Roebuck and Co.                                                                 Maplewood, Mn
Cashier                                                                                           11/2005- 12/2005
·        Sold woman’s apparel such as coats, dresses, lingerie, and accessories.
·        Utilized knowledge of fabrics, style and prices.
·        Promoted apparel, using samples and emphasized saleable features.
·        Executed daily operations of operating the cash register, handling money, cleaning, stocking, and taking out the trash.
·        Executed daily operations of assisting customers with credit card payments, offering Sears credit cards and assisting co workers when store was short staffed. 
Sportsmans Guide                                                                           Saint Paul, Mn
Call Center Rep.                                                                            
·        Sold products to business and industrial establishments and individuals for manufacturer and distributor at sales office, store, showroom and customer’s place of business.
·        Quoted prices and credit terms and prepared sales contracts for orders obtained.
·        Executed daily operations of answering phones and taking orders from customers out of catalog.
·        Talked with customers by phone.
·        Offered add-ons.
·        Assisted customers with items.
·        Used credit card numbers for orders.   
Agape High School                                                              
Saint Paul, MN
Diploma                                                                                  June 2007
·        Maintained a 3.0 grade point average.
·        Graduated in the upper 10% of my class.
·        M.E.P. program.
·        Tc-Hops, a program for young mothers and children.   
·        Work well in a high pressure environment.
·        Well-organized and efficient.
·        Skilled with computer systems and software.
·        Skilled at encouraging others and developing rapport.
·        Self-starting, goal-oriented strategist whose confidence, perseverance and vision promote success.
·        Self-motivated and assertive.
·        Quickly learn procedures and methods.
·        Pleasant speaking voice.
·        Professional demeanor.
·        Honest and friendly with outstanding communication skills.
·        Fluent in Spanish.
·        Enjoy working with people.
·        Dependable and reliable.
·        Demonstrated record of high performance standards, including attention to schedules, deadlines, budgets and quality work.
·        Demonstrated effective leadership skills.
·        Great accuracy, attention to detail and ability to work well in team environments.
·        Dedicated and meticulous.
·        Creative writing skills.
·        Computer literate and can quickly learn new software.
·        Committed to assisting others.
·        Cheerful personality.
·        Capable of handling multiple projects concurrently.
·        Able to work independently, under pressure, follow directions and to work with others toward a team goal.   
References: Available upon request.

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