Thursday, November 22, 2007

Warm Beer to Cold Beer, in Seconds

New Zealand’s third Nobel Prize for Chemistry seems guaranteed after Kent Hodgson, a 22 year old student from Albany, New Zealand has revolutionized the way mankind will cool beer after inventing a gadget that can chill a can of warm beer in a matter of seconds. Since I can barely change the batteries in my remote control, I’ll let Kent explain:
"You have plastic cooling cells which are pressed down into the dock which houses the liquid carbon dioxide. The liquid CO2 expands and is pressurized into dry ice in the base of the cooling cells ... in a moment. You then pop it into your drink and then proceed from there as you normally would."
Don’t feel bad, I didn’t get it either. This is big news Down Under as this is the start of their summer season, and it seems that warm beer is a blight on their culture.

Damn Kiwi’s probably think they're pretty smart. Well up here, in Minnesota, we also have a device that can chill warm beer in seconds, we call it a snowbank.

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