Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paris is Burning ......again!

The return of the YOUEEs (Youths of Undetermined Ethnic Extraction).
The Peugeot Pyrotechnics are off and running in Paris again. Fires raged and mobs rioted in the Paris suburbs Monday night after two boys, aged 15 and 16, died when their mini-motorcycle hit a police car. At least sixty policemen have been injured, and a school gym has gone up in flames.

Le Parisien reports that they burned down a Peugeot dealership, sacked a train station and shops, tore up a McDonald’s, stole the day’s receipts and attacked customers, smashed and burned cars, and are still going strong. I think the cars were all 2003's, its probably the only way to get them off the lot.
Violence is spreading from Villiers le Bel to a dozen neighboring communities. The insurgents are using firebombs, iron rods, baseball bats, and firing buckshot.
So is Baghdad now safer than Paris? Oh, the irony. Go get 'em, Sarko!

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