Monday, November 19, 2007

Nora's a pin-up - at 102!

There has to be a limit to this stuff....and please nobody ask me for pictures, they're is only so far i'll go.

ALE be damned - 102-year-old pensioner Nora Hardwick poses topless and becomes one of the oldest women ever to appear in a nude calendar.
The former-councillor, from Lincolnshire, became Miss November to raise cash for her local football team, Ancaster Athletic.

Pub regular Nora - who covered her chest with a strategically-placed scarf - downed a small glass of whiskey before getting her kit off. "They draped a bit of pink cloth around my shoulders, but at my age I just don't have the model body to be taking it all off," she said. "It was all very tastefully done. You couldn't see any of my bits or anything."
She told us: "I'd never done anything like it before - and I doubt I will again.
"I just thought 'go for it' and I'm so glad I did!"

Mrs Hardwick, who already has two great-great grandchildren, said her own children Maureen, 80, Janice, 74 and Robert, 62, had been very supportive.
Calendars will be available at £6 each


Steve said...

Where can I get a copy of the calendar that 102 yr. old granny Nora is in?

Anonymous said...

why would you want one?

Anonymous said...

I happen to like "older" women and think nude grammas are awesome!