Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michelle Schrenker naked

You didn't really believe that did you? The real headline was supposed to be "A man with his three favorite possessions."

But on my first day back, i'm trying to generate some hits, so you have to settle for a picture of Michelle Schrenker and her douchbag, soon to be ex-husband, Marcus.
Turns out this was no ordinary Piper Malibu, this was a 2002 Meridian, a very expensive turbine version of the Malibu, estimated value $1 million. Pictured in the background of the photo is the airplane in question, along with Mr. Schrenker, his Lexus, and his wife Michelle Schrenker.

This lovely looking woman who is grabbing this guy's junk, while carefully exposing that large rock and contemplating smashing someones head in with a tropical fruit, possibly a guava, is Michelle Schrenker . This 36 year old is what we call a trophy wife, and a mother of three. And she’s pretty hot despite her having one leg more tanned than the other one. As you can see, I have not analyzed this picture much.

Now there’s not a reason in the world for me to post this, but I understand from Google Trends that Michelle Schrenker name is the highest rated search currently on the go tonight. So what I’m doing is a little hit-baiting, seeing as if I will get zillions of hits by just posting a few pictures of Michelle Schrenker while constantly typing her name. Her name being Michelle Schrenker.

Just when you thought this guy couldn't be a bigger tool, the NY Post comes up with some video of Marcus and his new squeeze...dumping the wife and kids to jet off to Key West for some New Year's Eve nookie. Meet Kelly Baker, the latest to gain 15 minutes of fame, as America's latest


Anonymous said...

Just curious, did this tactic of putting Ms Shrenker on your site boost your google adsense revenue? Not a bad tactic if so.

STUDS said...

ahoy there, captain obvious