Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Peanut Butter Moon Pie.....feel the cholesteral!

Don't worry...it comes with a salmonella warning
Chattanooga Bakery, maker of the MoonPie marshmallow sandwich, has launched MoonPie Peanut Butter, its first product launch in decades.
The product touts a "creamy peanut butter filling, a crunchier, chocolate-flavoured cookie and a chocolaty coating on the outside", the US firm said today.
"We're really excited to be launching some truly new and different items under the proven MoonPie trademark," said Tory Johnston, vice president of marketing. "For over 90 years, we've stayed true to our original design - soft cookies with marshmallow filling. After extensive research, consumers seemed excited to try new items from us - peanut butter is first, and there are several other new ideas in R&D now."

If you're looking for the latest vacation hotspot....Every year on the third Saturday in June, the redneck little town of Bell Buckle, Tennessee springs to life for the annual RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival.

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