Monday, January 26, 2009

Nine year old...just nails Édith Piaf

I'm not into the reality TV shows at all, in fact I've never seen an entire show. My wife though, along with the rest of the country, stays home Saturday nights to watch "Star Academy", which is the French Version of "American Idol".

Last weekend they had a new show on France 1, basically a kids version of American Idol, that reminded me of the Arthur Godfrey show, which was a little before my time, but I've seen clips. The kids are really entertaining because it's all spontaneus, not the fifteen minutes of fame these attention whores are looking for on these adult shows.
The interviews after the their talent display are almost as funny. I couldn't find a video, but their was one six year old girl who did a great hula hoop display, and then couldn't stop moving her hips as she was being interviewed. Pretty soon the interviewer was moving his hips too, and it was better than the act.

Below is a video from the show of a nine year old who sings Édith Piaf......incredibly well. If you are not familiar with Édith Piaf's voice.......which I'm sure is most readers of this blog...... watch the commercial for the French Lotto above first. It's not only very funny, but you get a good idea of her voice as well.

Now watch Justine, a nine year old with a big future...........

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