Friday, February 13, 2009

Michelle Schrenker talks about husband and Kelly Baker on Today Show (VIDEO)

The estranged wife of douchebag of the year, Marcus Schrenker, accused of attempting to fake his own death to escape charges of defrauding investors says she was blindsided by the charges against him, his unsuccessful flight from justice and the discovery that he was having an affair. So if you can stand listening to the insipid Matt Lauer feed her rehearsed's the video.

I'd bang her...but up close the face kind of looks like swiss cheese. She'd make a good stripper though if she needs some cash.
“I was shocked. I was shocked by everything that had happened,” Michelle Schrenker told TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview Friday in New York. “Everything that happened in this last year became so shocking. The affair was a shock to me. The finances were a shock to me. Everything was a change in his behavior.”

Bookkeeper, Receptionist, Coffee maker Trophy wife, whatever. When you sign off on regulatory documents as "CFO", that means you put your ass on the line.
Good luck in jail, sweetheart....the bitches are going to like that poon. I hope the kids like grandpa and grandma, cause they're going to need em.

Authorities have seized all of Michelle Schrenker’s assets, including her Indiana home, and her role as the chief financial officer of one of her husband’s companies has come under scrutiny.

Until late last year, the trim and attractive blonde thought that she was living the American dream. Her husband, Marcus Schrenker, was a handsome and dashing daredevil pilot who ran several successful investment companies. They and their three children, ages 14, 11 and 6, lived in a mansion in a private community in Indiana. They traveled in style, owned expensive cars and a private plane.

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