Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope and Change has arrived.....where's my money?

Well it's been almost 24 hours since hope and change arrived and I'm still waiting for my Rainbow and Unicorn. Just checked my Swiss bank account deposits from yesterday...what the hell is going on here, did I forget to fill out a form or something.

I thought the speech was carried out very well, but then "that's what he does well......orate". A little petty in his many shots at Bush though. There were some good parts, I especially liked the bit about not apologizing for our way of life, but some real Obamaism's too. "We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories." Good luck with that, Mr. President. If you’re going to use clichéd language you should at least make it somewhat believable.

But then the great orater actually screwed up the Swearing in Ceremony by flubbing his lines, because he hasn't worked with a human teleprompter before. You know this guy has been practicing this speech since he was 12 years old....and he blows it!

As I laugh uncontrollably a friend says "so what, everybody screws up, he's nervous".
That's funny becuase I don't remember you moonbats giving Bush, or especially Sarah Palin, the same leeway. As a matter of fact, the media made a sport out of actually cataloging them, and if they didn't have enough, they made some up. See Tina Fey, SNL...but "the one" always gets a mulligan for his screw ups........57 states????? The good thing is we now have the gaffe-a-minute Jo Jo Biden to keep Jon Stewart busy....if Obama ever lets him out of the closet again.

I see Ted Kennedy got carted out in an ambulance during the presidential luncheon (I’m starting to believe in this whole hope and change thing) with "fatigue". Is that the new pc term for a quart of Jameson before lunch.

With the expectations that the moonbats and the media have bestowed on the great one...... the greatest leader the world has ever seen will never be able live up to the hype. I almost feel sorry for him. He's already fighting with Pelosi and he's thrown a lot of far left supporters under the bus since the election and moved centre, so I'm lookin for better things.

A quote from the Wall Street Journal a few days ago "The people who voted for McCain are going to be more satisfied with Obama, than the people who voted for Obama."

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