Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marcus Schrenker and his mistress

Just when you thought this guy couldn't be a bigger tool, the NY Post comes up with some video of Marcus and his new squeeze...dumping the wife and kids to jet off to Key West for some New Year's Eve nookie.

Meet Kelly Baker, the latest to gain 15 minutes of fame, as America's latest tramp of the week.

Now take another look at the picture below, and it just proves one of lifes little lessons. "No matter how good lookin they are....somebody, somewhere, is tired of puttin up with their shit."

Now we find out that when rescuers reached his crashed aircraft, they found "evidence (a cheat sheet) including a book of campsites in America missing its pages on Alabama and Florida, and a bullet-point list scribbled on the back of a book that read: 'cracked windshield, window imploded, bleeding profusely'." How did this guy ever fool anybody?

Go here for the hilairious details on "Bailing out of an airplane for dummies"


coffee maker said...

i predict that Marcus Schrenker's life will be turned into an indy film within the next year (starring Gerard Butler of course since they look so much alike)

Anonymous said...

I nailed Kelly several times about ten years ago (seriously)... worth every penny, Marcus!