Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A real good time to open a Belgian Bank?

New Online Belgium Bank Seeks Foreign Bank Partner or Investor

Maurits Paul Rijkeboer announces the launch of Money.Be, a new online bank that operates out of Belgium. "The current state of Belgium banks is disastrous," Rijkeboer, the CEO of Money.Be says. "That's why we have created Money.Be. We are confident that our foreign bank partner or investor will benefit and customers will be excited about this concept and will flock to us."

As a result, Rijkeboer, who also possesses a master's degree in business administration, is currently seeking an exclusive foreign bank partner or investor for the Belgium market.
"This is a one-time offer for a business partnership and the time to act is now," Rijkeboer explains. "The first bank to provide a serious and generous offer will receive the exclusive partnership."
Money.Be ( is currently applying for a Belgium banking license from the government.

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