Friday, January 23, 2009

Three dead in stabbing attack at Belgian creche

Three people were killed in a stabbing at a daycare centre in Sint-Gillis, part of the municipality of Dendermonde (East Flanders). Two children and one adult have died and some 10 childen were injured. The assailant was arrested by the police.
According to eyewitness reports a man went on a rampage causing a bloodbath in the daycare. His face was painted black and white. The attacker went into the daycare, pulled a knife and started stabbing anyone in his path. 3 people were killed.

Some 10 injured children were taken to hospitals in the area.The municiple disaster plan was immediatly called into effect, following the report of the incident. Ambulances were speeding to and from the creche. A police helicopter was deployed to look for the perpetrator, who left the scene of the crime by bicycle. He was reportedly detained in a nearby supermarket.

Earlier reports from the creche referred to chaos and panic in the daycare centre. Employees who were not hurt in the rampage are in shock. Federal Home Affairs Minister Guido De Padt arrived at the scene of the crime within a couple of hours. Flemish Welfare Minister Veerle Heeren was also there. Both officials are shocked about what happened and extend condolences to the families of the victims.

Dendermonde, a town of with 40,000 residents is about thirty miles north-west of Brussels. The public nursery was called "The Land of Fables with 18 children and six women, all staff members.

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