Thursday, January 15, 2009

There are cheaper ways to kill yourself Marcus

Got to love this guy's can do attitude...Fake death, Check.
Suicide, on the list.
I'm sure we've all thought about faking our death at some point.....but in Alabama?.....c'mon Markus, that's just not cool.
Somewhere a shrink is salivating over the revenue they'll be able to produce with therapy for this dipshit's children.

Bottle of sleeping pills: $24.99

Razor blades: $2.49

Accessing a tall structure: $0.00

Handgun: $239.00

10-feet of rope: $16.99

Piper Malibu, Hotel room, Red Yamaha, Camping gear, Razor blades: $720,322.49

Front page of the New York Post: Priceless


Anonymous said...

Get out kill yourself

Anonymous said...

I saw the program on 20/20 about this woman. She says she has no money but I think she has a bright future as a pole dancer.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the wife should consider a career in porn...

bailoutgame said...

This blog post is awesome and hilarious.