Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama......President of the World

De Standaard /Brussels
The inauguration of Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States of America, was the news of the day and occupied often ten pages in Flemish newpapers. A number of newspapers also published Obama's full translated inauguration speech. Commentators determined that the election of the first black president has stirred up hope, enthusiasm and emotion throughout the world. In his speech Obama reached out to the rest of the world and said that 'his country is once again ready to lead'. According to De Standaard, Obama and his government could have an immense impact on the fate and prosperity of the whole world. Obama has it all to become one of the best presidents in history and to a certain extent also a president of the world.

According to news analysts Obama has succeeded in speaking on behalf of the whole of America and has given the country confidence. He also announced a trend break in the role America would want to play in the world.

De Tijd and De Morgen however warn that Obama should be given the necessary time to deal with the sick economy and other challenges. At present he may count on much goodwill, but the expectations are set so high that the disillusionment could equal that. The question is whether there will be enough patience to allow him to do his work properly, they wonder.

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