Monday, January 07, 2008

EU issues directive on orgasms

The European Commission is working on a new directive to define a female orgasm after numerous reports of fake orgasms appearing throughout the continent.
Following an in depth survey across all member states the Commission found that the quality of orgasm - which was first discovered in France - varied significantly from country to country.

A spokesperson said in Brussels: "European law is very clear on the subject: whenever a product's name means that customers could expect a certain level of quality, it is important that suppliers of that product maintain those levels."The EC's definition of the orgasm is still a secret but it is understood to be linked to the Richter scale.
In a separate statement the EC said it was powerless to influence human rights violations in states who were major trading partners. They haven't figured it out yet, but spokesman Heywood Jablowme said they are working on implementing a tax for orgasms in the future., have to admit, it's not that farfetched for the EU, is it?

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