Friday, January 25, 2008

Brussels has the best looking hookers!

Who knew eh? Maybe the country can start promoting them a bit more....Belgium, land of chocolate, frites, beer, and the best looking hookers.

Since the introduction of a new law and a clamp down on prostitution in France, many French men have been travelling to Brussels to satisfy their urges.
Maybe it has something to do with French women.......? On the weekend the red light district is often swamped.
Some punters drive for hours to have a good time and Belgian working girls are said to be far more beautiful than those of Amsterdam. Paying for sex in Belgium is not a problem, but the nuisance the French punters cause isn't appreciated.

Police say they drink on the public highway, take drugs and row with other punters in the bars. I'm sure the Belgian johns do nothing like that.....
Often banned weapons and drugs are found in their vehicles. So far seventy French nationals have been detained during Operation Dolly - half the total number of detentions.

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