Monday, January 28, 2008

Sex And Psychological Operations By The Germans

Both the Axis and Allies disributed propoganda leaflets during the war to demoralise enemy soldiers. Being young soldiers only needs were food and sex, they might have actually boosted morale. These "pinups" were probably the most collected and traded articles of the war. They were without a doubt the most widely "read" documents of the war.

The Germans prepared a set of four anti-Semitic sexually themed leaflets entitled “The girl you left behind” for use against the Allies in Italy. They Germans fired a smaller version from artillery in March 1944 and dropped a larger sized leaflet from aircraft in November 1944. They are AI-161-11-44 to AI-164-11-44. All are crude drawing in a monotone. These leaflets told the story of the mythical Sam Levy; a Jew who was growing rich and enjoying the favors of a Christian girl while her boyfriend was fighting on the front lines.
Some real interesting reading.

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