Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Outlet Shopping in Belgium

Belgium has two outlet centers with another on the way. The discounts aren't huge, but it's a nice little daytrip through some great countryside.
All the participating brands offer their previous collections (often from last season) at prices around 30% less than normal retail price. Anne Fontaine, Barbour, Essentiel, Bellerose, Petit Bateau, Levis, Chine, Donaldson and many others can be found here.

As well as fashion stores you can shop at lingerie, accessories and interior decoration stores. For the end of year festivities, Maasmechelen Village Outlet Shopping will host several events such as a Christmas market given visitors an opportunity to taste Christmas specialties. Prices are even more insane during the sales (70-80% reductions) ?

The first in Flanders is known as Maasmechelen Village, and is the largest outlet shopping attraction in Belgium. Located at the crossroads of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It is twenty minutes from Maastricht and just one hour from Antwerp, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Cologne.
For the French speaking part of the country, Factory Shopping at Messancy has recently increased in size and doubled the number of stores (Pepe Jeans, Kipling, Le phare de la Baleine, etc). The village of Messancy is situated in the heart of southern Luxembourg province, close to the town of Arlon, in the borer region between Belgium, France and Luxembourg

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