Thursday, January 10, 2008

Worlds Cheapest Car

The world's cheapest car has made it's first public outing in India in an event ranked by its makers alongside the Wright brothers' first manned flight.
Tata Motors £1,200 Nano has no radio, a driver's side wing mirror only and just one windscreen wiper but can seat five people at a squeeze.

I'll guarantee you, if you put four of my buddies in that thing, their won't be enough room to drive, or enough power to move it. In India though, where we've all seen pictures of a family of 6 riding on a Moped attached to the back rack, this will seem like a 68 Cadillac land yacht.
With a price tag similar to that of a motorcycle, the Nano is expected to sell by the million, raising concerns of the impact on India's environment and already congested roads. STORY

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