Saturday, January 05, 2008

Update on Belgium train bombing hoax

I'm only quoting the newspapers here, so don't blame me.
The police in Leuven were able to trace the telephone calls and find the anonymous caller. The perpetrator is a 33 year old man who lives in the psychiatric institution in Bierbeek

The bomb alerts disrupted train traffic for a few hours all over Belgium, including international train traffic. There are hefty legal consequences for false bomb alerts. The man risks a jail sentence of between three months and two years, a fine, and the bill to pay for damages and extra costs to Belgian Rail and the Flemish public transport company De Lijn.

Whether the man will indeed be prosecuted and have to pay damages is not yet clear because it must first be determined whether he was 'sound of mind' when he called in the false bomb alarms.

The guy is half a box of french fries short of a happy meal, lives in the nut house, and we need to analyze? Just a thought, but why are the short bus people allowed to dial "out" of the nuthouse. This is Belgium, story # 1289

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