Thursday, January 17, 2008

But Dad, the Packers Suck!

I give Green Bay credit....they probably have the nuttiest football fans in the world. They take it VERY seriously, I mean look what he did to his dog! I bet the boy is really a closet Vikings fan, but some people should just not be allowed to breed.

When a 36-year-old Wisconsin man's son wouldn't don a Green Bay Packers jersey to watch the team play Saturday, he tied up the boy and taped the jersey to him.
The boy's mother didn't think the hour-long stunt was very cute and took photos with her cell phone. She turned the evidence into police the next day.
The father, Mathew Kowald, was cited for disorderly conduct in connection with the incident with his 7-year-old son at their home in Pardeeville,

Now take a look at the Wisconsin school system. As a father, I'm normally against the idea of slaughtering children. But I dare you to watch 20 seconds of this clip without resisting the urge to grab a machete and start playing "got your nose" for real. I give you the "Children of Cheese". Tax dollars were spent on this. Since it's Green Bay though, wouldn't a song about Favre in a public school be considered school prayer?

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