Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods makes public statement (full video)

Well, that's one African American of mixed descent that has apologized for screwing a lot of Americans over the last year. Only one to go.

I'm so glad he apologized. I can't wait until all hundred and twenty million adulterers in this country also broadcast their apologies, too, so can we can get that over with and then maybe get back to the news. Oh wait, this is the news.

What on earth does he have to apologize to us for, he's not a public official? For having sex with women? Guys do what guys do because of the way that they're made. And getting mad at a young, rich, famous athlete for having sex with a bunch of women who have made themselves readily available is like getting mad at cats for eating birds or dogs for barking. Tiger's behavior is an average week for alot of pro athletes.....the only question here, is what the hell did he get married for. If not for that...there is no story here. Pretty easy for most people to condemn when they'll never have the opportunity to begin with.

He should have gotten some advice about bangin stray's from Derek Jeter years this is an impressive list people....with pictures.

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