Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Topless vote for the next Olympic sport!

Women were nipping out to compete for a topless tobogganing tournament in Germany.

While the stars of the Winter Olympics busy themselves competing in so-called 'proper sports' (and figure skating), 30 male and female competitors, clad only in underwear, bounced their way down a 100 metre track on sledges to the approval of huge crowds. More than 14,000 spectators turned out to watch the eye-popping event where 30 male and female competitors bounced along a 100 metre track on sledges.

It was very cold and because of that, some of those girls would definitely have had a bit of an advantage in a photo finish.

Why is this not an Olympic sport?....imagine the TV ratings?

The event came after officials in another German town tried to put a stop to Germany's first ever topless tobogganing championships, after the mayor said he was 'offended' by the spectacle.

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