Thursday, February 25, 2010

When pepfests go horribly wrong...Gotta love that Canadian education!

If I wasn't actually watching this I wouldn't believe it could happen. Back in the day...we were just hoping to catch some cheerleader doing a high leg kick who forgot to put the panties on...Now days nothing gets the student body more fired up than a sexually-suggestive dance between two teachers eh?

Welcome to Winnipeg Manitoba, where a couple of teachers decided that a pep rally would be the perfect time to give their students a quick lesson in Sex Ed.

During the rally, one student captured two of the school's teachers performing a sexually suggestive dance in the middle of the gym floor, which they have since titled "Two Teachers, One Chair." With the music blasting and the female teacher seated on the chair watch the video to see what happened.

I'm sure these kids know what a lap dance'd probably find way more porn on their ipod's than this little dance, it's just mind numbing to think you'd get two teachers to go along with this.


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