Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The 'Forgotten Miracle' on ice

Great story in the Minneapolis Tribune about the somewhat forgotten 1960 US Hockey team that won the gold.

1960 Olympic "un-official/official" team photo: Since no "official" team photo was ever taken of the final roster of the 1960 U.S. Olympic team, it was necessary to superimpose faces over the photos of players that were released from the team in the final weeks leading up to the actual games.

This team photo was created in the summer of 1960 by the offices of the AHAUS for the plaques awarded each team member when they were named Life Members of the AHAUS (now USA Hockey).

Bob Cleary's face is on the body of Larry Alm (MN.), Bill Cleary on the body of Bob DuPuis (Mass.), and John Mayasich on the body of Herb Brooks (MN.) -The last man cut from the roster who later coached the 1980 team.

1960 US Olympic Team- Minnesotans

Tom Williams- Duluth
Paul Johnson- St. Paul
Roger Christian- Warroad
William "Bill" Christian- Warroad
Bob Owen- St. Louis Park
John Mayasich- Eveleth
Jack McCartan- St. Paul
Richard Meredith- Minneapolis

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