Friday, February 26, 2010

Stimulus added no verifiable jobs according to congressional budget office

Just when we were convinced (hoaxed) by the mainstream media that the Stimulus Funds had created over 2 million jobs; according to the latest report from (CBO) Congressional Budget Office, we now learn that by the CBO's own confessions in the Stimulus Report these numbers are arrived at by nothing but guess work and hypothetical forecasting.

It also points out the fact that the form used to collect jobs data from ARRA Stimulus Funds Recipients does not ask for clarification concerning the fact of whether or not the job position would have continued as a result of the stimulus funds or not.

An example of the abusive reporting techniques used by the Congressional Budget Office came to light in January when it was revealed that the California State University system reported over 21,000 jobs saved, but admitted later that those jobs were never in jeopardy even without the Government Stimulus.

CBO has estimated the law’s impact on employment and economic output using a theoretical process which they term "evidence." But by the confessions made by the CBO throughout the report; this so-called evidence is nothing more than speculation at best.

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