Monday, February 22, 2010

They really do miss George....

They miss him. They really, really miss him.

Just a month after a billboard mysteriously popped up in Minnesota featuring a photograph of a smiling George W. Bush with the question "Miss Me Yet?," online sales of bumper stickers and T-shirts featuring the Bush-friendly slogan are up. Way up.

The site CafePress, which peddles political gear of all partisan stripes, reports that "Miss Me Yet?" merchandise is selling at a rate of 500 items per day. Ten of the "Miss Me Yet" items were CafePress best sellers this week.

Wanna know what's not popular? Anything featuring Captain Bullshit and his once ubiquitous campaign slogans of hope and change and Unicorns and Skittles....... are nowhere on the company's top 10 list.

Want some more proof the honeymoon is over?
The 'Obama' shop in Union Station (Washington, D.C.) has been closed.

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