Saturday, February 13, 2010

Luge Crash video from Vancouver Olympics

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Hey guys, you know what would be really great? If we lined the track with some huge steel beams. When a bad day at work involves slamming into a metal pole at 90mph, it's probably a good idea to look into a different occupation. Nodar Kumaritashvili, from the country of Georgia, died in a luge training run this morning.

The Winter Olympic version of NASCAR relies on pushing the envelope. How close can we get these people to the edge? Luge and skeleton, and to a lesser extent bobsleigh, will now go through the same crisis as NASCAR after every driver's death.

It's one thing to design a track that is so fast that it ends up being dangerous.... another thing entirely to have huge exposed metal poles right next to that track and to not put any padding around them.

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Anonymous said...

And now their official answer is that it was human error. Yet they're building up the walls around the track, just in case.