Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Global warming......is causing Global warming!

At least the folks at PETA can stop protesting these turbines now that they can’t kill bats.

Minnesota has cold weather? Who knew? So cold, that the windmills won't turn. KSTP TV calls the wind turbines "no-spin zones." Now they are actually going to heat the fluid, to make the windmills turn. The fact that taxpayer-subsidized green energy zealots would burn fuel to make a windmill turn should embarrass them.... But you know it won't.

Why don't they hook them up to giant hamster like tread mills and let fat people take turns powering them? Every Minnesotan knows that they gain weight during the winter and hide under layers of clothes. This way we'd have a leaner society as well as it being energy efficient.

How can anyone be against this? This sounds like an incredible and efficient Obama job program and there are no birds being killed during the periods when the turbines are at rest.

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