Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Top 10 things a guy shouldn't do in public

OK, so you’ve had sex in public and maybe even proposed to your girlfriend on the subway. That's awesome. We salute your male boldness, however, do you also get misty at the movies or blow your nose without a tissue? Now you’ve lost our vote by committing one of the top 10 things guys shouldn’t do in public.

To put together our list, we’ve looked at the nastiest, most off-putting stuff we do in public that has the potential to alienate women and, really, anyone within two feet. Of course, peeing your pants or doing one worse are a given. Instead, our list focuses on everything from having a public domestic argument with your girlfriend to puking in plain sight of a crowd.

Sure, Adonis, your biceps are big and your abs are tight, but your love affair with the gym mirror is just plain creepy. The bar narcissist who fixates on his James Bond poses in the mirror before, during and after he talks to a woman is equally funny and disturbing. By all means, check the mirror to make sure you haven’t got broccoli between your teeth or a stream of snot across your cheek, but if you can’t get enough of yourself in the mirror, chances are other people quickly will.
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