Monday, February 09, 2009

Obama swears like a sailor

If you’ve ever read President Barack Obama’s "Dreams for my Father"......then you might be some kind of libtard koolaid drinker with bad taste in literature....but that's another story.

Evidently the book involves one of Obama's high school friends named Ray...who is also bi-racial and is trying to define himself. The cute little thing about that he curses like a mo@#$%f%@$k%r.

Although the book is a pile of slop, very similar to Obama's cabinet picks thus far, the cool thing is "the messiah" reads the audio version of the book and therefore has to read Ray's quotes aloud.
And you thought Tricky Dick's Watergate tapes were entertaining.....Take a listen.

That'll be Belgian Fries with that please

That guy is not very talented

The white guy is apparently not very smart

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