Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Superbowl Porn...or the real "Pigskin Preview"

How nice it would be to sit down with your kids to watch the Superbowl, have Larry Fitzgerald dash across the field with the go ahead touchdown.....and then BAM........PENIS!
One minute Kurt Warner is going deep.....and then......
Comcast customers in Tucson got a bonus by getting more pigskin than they bargained for with a short and extremely graphic porn clip during he final moments of the game.

The clip from cable show "Club Jenna" , produced by the wonderful Jenna Jameson, shows a woman sitting on a couch and struggling to pull out porn actor Evan Stone's genitalia from his pants.
The pair laugh at the difficulty. Mr. Stone then jumps up and pulls his pants down and twists from side to side, slapping it against his body, and then the game comes back on. I'm sure the woman gave Mr. Stone a "Terrible Towel" to "clean up" his act.

All I can say is I have Comcast in Minneapolis, and they didn't get any porn there...who do I complain to.
Comcast Apologizes for Super Bowl Porn Glitch...Wall Street Journal

For the uninhibited....... totally uncensored version...go here

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