Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Being with Liz Taylor was like sticking an eggbeater in your brain ... Robert Wagner on his Hollywood conquests

Some beautiful women are passive in the bedroom. They're gorgeous, they know they're gorgeous and they don't feel the need to do anything beyond being gorgeous.
Elizabeth Taylor was not one of those women. Being with her was like sticking an eggbeater in your brain.

One night, I met the great actress Joan Crawford at a cocktail party and was surprised when she suggested I follow her back to her house. When we got there, she invited me for a swim, telling me there were some trunks down by the pool and I could help myself. I did so and got in the pool.
After a few minutes, Joan, who was 25 years older than me, came out of the house with nothing on, dived gracefully off the board, swam the length of the pool underwater and came up right between my legs.
'Hi there!' she said in her most vivacious voice. It was a lovely, creative invitation and I responded accordingly.

I first met Anita Ekberg when she came to the RKO studios, before Federico Fellini was to make her immortal in La Dolce Vita. I took one look at her and was reduced to the level of a hormonal schoolboy.
Luckily, she responded to me the same way. The fact that she had been staked out by RKO owner Hughes was irrelevant to me.

The top was down, the day was lovely. I spotted Yvonne De Carlo, who starred in films noir like Brute Force and later played Lily in The Munsters.
We looked each other over and she nodded her head for me to come over. So I parked and got into her car.
'I'm Robert Wagner.' 'I know. I'm Yvonne De Carlo.' 'I know. I'm such a fan of yours.' One thing led to another and we went back to her house.
Three days later, I staggered out, depleted and dishevelled. I wasn't sure what month it was, but I dimly remembered leaving my car at the drive-in. Luckily, it was still parked where I'd left it.
A week later I ran into Tony Curtis, another rising young actor at the time. 'You can't imagine what just happened to me,' he said. 'I pull into Jack's at the beach. Yvonne De Carlo pulls up next to me! She looks at me, I look at her. Well, to make a long story short...'
I stared at him, then began laughing hysterically. Baby, I was in the movies.

All I have to say is "Bob...You Da Man"

Haven't we all had the debates....who's hotter, Ginger or Mary Ann......Morticia or Lilly......this guy banged Lilly Munster for pete sake!

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