Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Messiah's "2009 Miracle Tour" hits the "Panhandle"

The Messiah's townhall meetings are usually a stocked fishpond of gift or miracle seeking rejects who make a studio audience of “Let’s Make a Deal” look like the Mensa club, but this is getting hard to take.

Here's a video of a woman named Henrietta Hughes who wants Obama to buy her a kitchen and a bathroom, 50 inch plasma?

Just to prove my point that the audience is stocked with IQ's under 50, I actually like this one better, meet Julio, the libtards version of Joe the Plumber. Two years of college, four years at McDonalds...the prototypical Obama voter. I meet Julio's every day, they're the ones that leave the fries out of my order at the drive in and are unable to make change after I hand them 3 cents to even out the change...after they've rung the till. You can just see the wheels spinnin in their head like it's going to blow up....manager please! Hold on till the end for the last comment.

I lived in Miami for 10 years and Ft. Myers was nowhere near the the panhandle...maybe this Obama guy is better than I thought.

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