Thursday, February 12, 2009

European officials warned of 'interns trading sex for secrets'

Somebody's been up late watching too many James Bond movies....or in the case of Eurocrats, more like Austin Powers.
European Commission officials are being told to beware of the charms of Mata Hari type interns, who are accused of trading sex for the innermost EU how to draw a huge salary as a Eurocrat without actually doing anything.

Paranoid Brussels security officials fear that Eurocrats might be susceptible to the attractive guise of the "pretty trainee with the long legs and the blonde hair". I'm sure they spent about three million euro's studying that....not including hotel rooms.

Every year hundreds of "stagiares", or interns, work at the Commission's Berlaymont HQ in Brussels. Many of them are young, female and some, it has been claimed, are engaged in espionage. Rumour has it that Monica Lewinsky has just been hired as Barasso's personal aide!

"I think men working here in boring jobs would love to believe that sexy women spies were after their bodies and their secrets. I personally think it is unlikely," said Petra, a 24-year old stagiare from a Baltic country.

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