Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Millions gathered today to celebrate the end of the threat of global warming! A new report with the latest data, assembled by the SPPI, shows that under the eight years of the Bush Administration, the previous trend of dangerous warming of the earth that existed during the Clinton Administration, has been successfully reversed.
Stakeholders spontaneously gathered in many locations across the globe to hear the news. Most who attended the event nearby were so relieved as to be speechless, so no quotes were available.

The report shows that Bush had the right approach to solve the crisis. Under attack from all sides for "ignoring the reality of impending climate change", his approach was doing the job all along. When asked later in the day about this news at his ranch in Crawford Texas, Bush remained mum when asked about how he did it. He just smiled, gave a wink, and turned away. We may never know how his apparently highly sophisticated clandestine approach was formulated, but success is success.

Al Gore, in contrast was so busy warning of impending doom following the release of his 2006 film "An Inconvenient Truth", that he failed to recognize the facts revealed in the report. If the cooling since the release of his film continued, without any action on the part of mankind to stop it, the result would not be warming, but a new Ice Age by 2100. Gore could not be reached for comment. He was reportedly on his way to a new Global Warming meeting in Copenhagen with the EU and IPCC leadership. He had not arrived at his destination, and one report had him trapped in his plane on a runway in Heathrow Airport, which had been closed due to record snowfall.

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