Thursday, February 05, 2009

The drunken Obama koolaid drinkers are starting to wake up from their stupor

Earlier this week we saw the Europeans become a bit threatening to "The One" when he called for "buy American" in the Stimulis package. Now it looks like even the euphoric American public is waking up from it's drunken election stupor, and can't believe that Mr. Hope and Change hasn't solved all their problems in a few weeks like they thought he would.

USA Today/CNN poll shows that 64% approve of the job the president is doing so far in office, down from a pre-Inauguration high of 83%. On the Stimulis Plan.....only 37% of the public supports opening a sewer grate in the middle of Washington and driving Brinks trucks up to the gaping whole to dump a TRILLION DOLLARS we don’t have down a bottomless pit of waste, graft, and corruption. It took Bush a full month to drop 10%......and if CNN is involved in the polling, you can bet the "actual figures" are probably lower than that.

In Obama's "Throw them under the Bus" appointments we got a two-for-one yesterday.
Nancy Killefer , the proposed Chief Performance Officer, and Tom Daschle, Secretary Designate Health and Human Services, both out for tax problems.
Couple this with Bill Richardson, a Commerce Secretary nominee, out for a corruption investigation, and Timothy Geitner, the new Treasury Secretary, barely squeaking by after not paying taxes despite having been warned about the issue a number times, and it starts to look like Obama's "political experience" is starting to show itself.

Not a good start for the most ethical administration in the history of the universe.....and you know we haven't seen the end of the whole ex Governor Blago fiasco.

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Ted said...

Since Obama's earnest drive to convince the nation to weaken its economic strength through redistribution as well as weaken its national defense, have confirmed the very threats to our Republic's survival that the Constitution was designed to avert, it no longer is sustainable for the United States Supreme Court and Military Joint Chiefs to refrain from exercising WHAT IS THEIR ABSOLUTE CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO DEFEND THE NATION FROM UNLAWFUL USURPATION. The question of Obama's Kenyan birth and his father's Kenyan/British citizenship (admitted on his own website) have been conflated by his sustained unwillingnes to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal, and compounded by his internet posting of a discredited "after-the-fact" short form 'certificate'. In the absence of these issues being acknowledged and addessed, IT IS MANIFEST THAT OBAMA REMAINS INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT UNDER ARTICLE 2 OF THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION. Being a 14th Amendment "citizen" is not sufficient. A "President" MUST BE an Article 2 "natural born citizen" AS DEFINED BY THE FRAMERS' INTENT.