Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sheyla Hershey Has The Worlds Biggest Boobs

Can anybody even comprehend 38KKK!!!!!

After eight surgeries and a full gallon of silicone, the petite model/actress was a staggering 34 FFF. Still, Sheyla Hershey wanted more! And she was determined to get it. When her boyfriend begged her to stop, she broke up with him (note to self: You have to support their dreams, no matter how deluded and life-threatening silly they might seem!).

There are laws in her home state of Texas that prohibited her latest implant surgery, so an entrepreneurial spirit took her to Brazil where they were happy to maker her a pair of 38KKK, and welcome her back for more later.

On her Myspace page are some high res, you can't even get those twins on one screen.

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