Monday, February 11, 2008

This ain't good!

The worst fear of any hockey player occurred last night in Buffalo. Florida Panthers Richard Zednik who took a hockey skate to the throat and had an artery cut. Another Panther player kicked his leg up by accident and slashed Zednik in the throat.

The video of Zednik getting injured is barely visible in the clip, but you can see where the accident took place. You can also see the trail of sprayed blood from the corner to the bench if you look carefully during the wideshot of the ice.

Below is the ESPN report on Clint Malarchuk. I'm only showing this cause the guy turned out OK and actually played again...but pretty gruesome! This accident took place in 1989 and Malarchuk was saved by his trainer, a Vietnam Vet, if I remember, who rushed on the ice and kept Clint alive.

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