Thursday, February 21, 2008

How about a cheeseburger for Ten Million?

The new $10 million bill is the equivalent of about $1 at the dominant black market exchange rate, which will buy you a small cheeseburger. According to official statistics (says the BBC), Zimbabwean inflation is now past 100,000%. Recently the government introduced the latest bank note, for Zim $10,000,000. On the black market they are worth about US $1.
So we have Zimbabwe, a land that is approaching its inevitable conclusion. Once it was known as Rhodesia, the Breadbasket of Africa. Then socialists took over and expropriated the white-owned farms that constituted the backbone of the economy.

As everyone knows, socialism works perfectly, if you just put the correct gang of criminals in charge. Naturally, the report leaves out the fact a racist, Communist thug is the reason for all this.

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