Monday, February 04, 2008

Belgium has an image? Yes..but it's pretty transparent.

Belgium plans to launch an international promotion campaign to improve the country's image abroad.

Belgium is especially concerned with drawing more investments to our country. The campaign will focus on Belgium as a country with a good investment climate. The system of 'notional interest' will be explained: thanks to this system, companies that invest in Belgium enjoy low corporate tax.

We'll start by showing how up is down and then move on to show how compulsion = liberty.
And how Belgians will prosecute anyone for human rights violations, no matter where they occurred (offer void in Congo).

The chamber of commerce in the United States reported last week that Belgium was a bad place for foreign investments. The aim of the new international campaign is to refute this image of Belgium. There will be advertisements in newspapers and on television: including on CNN and BBC World, and in the Financial Times of London.

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