Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Man accused of taking $2M after bank confuses him with another man

If a bank teller told you had an unknown bank account with $5.8 million in it and the bank insisted it's yours, wouldn't you spend it? That's what Brooklyn resident Benjamin Lovell did - and now he's paying.

When the Benjamin Lovell of Brooklyn went to deposit $400 into his account last December, he was told about the account. Lovell did tell the Commerce officials it wasn't his, but they told him it was his. So Lovell did what any person would do: He withdrew $1 million that day, then another $1.1 million over the next month, blowing most of it on"failed investments, jewelry for his mistress, colonic enemas and other extravagances."

Prosecutors said the bank advertises itself as "America's Most Convenient Bank" No Shit? I usually have a hard time convincing the bank that MY money is mine...STORY IN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

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