Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Warren Beatty has registered over 12,000 kills

Somewhere.....Carly Simon is laughing her ass off. Leave it to Warren to make Tiger Woods conquest of a bakers dozen look like childs play. I'll give him this....it's not every day that a sex story makes me dig out my calculator.

A Beatty biographer, using math your algebra teacher never taught you, revealed this week that one of Hollywoods greatest pussy hounds banged 12,775 women - give or take a few dozen - in his lifetime. "How Warren Beatty Seduced America”

The book says Beatty liked to bang every Oscar-winning actress. Way to go, Jessica Tandy! Although he could do much worse.....banging Madonna for instance.

The Highlight Reel:

Jane Fonda:Says Beatty: "Oh, my God. We kissed until we had practically eaten each other's heads off…due to her ability to virtually unhinge her jaw, like a python that swallows prey much larger than itself."

Joan Collins:"He made love to [Joan] Collins relentlessly. But for Collins, it was too much of a good thing. One Sunday morning, exhausted, she stumbled out of bed. Dragging on a forbidden cigarette, she said, 'I don't think I can last much longer. He never stops — it must be all those vitamins he takes . . . In a few years, I'll be worn out.' Later, a skeptic asked her if they really had sex seven times a day. She replied, 'Maybe he did, but I just lay there.' "

Fran Drescher:"He offered to introduce her to Isabelle Adjani, saying, 'We were both talking about you while lying in bed last night.' Adjani told her, 'You are very beautiful.' But it wasn't until Beatty added, 'We were both hoping you would like to join us for dinner this evening, just the three of us,' that the flashbulb went off: 'I sure as hell knew a ménage-à-troiserino when I saw one,' she thought."

Janice Dickinson:"I looked across the room and found him admiring himself in the mirror . . . In the morning, when I woke up, he was standing there again, playing with his hair, mussing it; trying to get it just right — going for that just-been-fucked look."

Madonna:"Beatty, a man who was accustomed to being worshipped by women, was on dangerous ground with Madonna. Why he sat still for this kind of treatment remains a mystery. Chances are, he was taking his own advice. He would tell director Glenn Gordon Caron a few years later, 'Never, ever f- - - your leading lady. And if you do, don't stop till the picture's finished.'

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