Friday, January 22, 2010

Air America is dead! It's George Bush's fault!

Air America was still on the air? Who knew? Add them to the list of Things That Officially Sucked.....but what are their 5 listeners going to do now?

Gee, and I was worried I wouldn't have anything to get excited about this week. The moonbat lefties always have the rest of the media to get their spoon fed talking points I guess.

It is with the greatest regret, on behalf of our Board, that we must announce that Air America Media is ceasing its live programming operations as of this afternoon, and that the Company will file soon under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code to carry out an orderly winding-down of the business.

The very difficult economic environment has had a significant impact on Air America’s business. This past year has seen a “perfect storm” in the media industry generally. National and local advertising revenues have fallen drastically, causing many media companies nationwide to fold or seek bankruptcy protection.

The perfect storm eh? I don't think Rush, Hannity, Beck etc.... are doing too bad with ratings. Funny thing with liberals.....the moonbats always think it's the messenger......never the message. When you're entire programming consists of blaming Bush.....that ain't getting you ratings Skippy.

Also a perfect example of any business run by liberals. Without government support, they can't stay afloat. (see PBS). They can't generate any revenue.....but they have no problem spending the shit out of yours.

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