Saturday, January 23, 2010

Obama's new retirement plan for the masses

Hell...if the Unicorn and Skittle crowd elected him...they'll have no trouble swallowing this.

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amoles said...

Very funny. This new retirement plan is right up there with buying $10.00 in lotto tickets every week and waiting to hit it big.

We already have such a plan. It's called social security. People think their is a savings in social security, but all the money is spent. Our Government has spent all the money paid into social security and replaced it with Treasury bonds. (i.e. IOU's from the taxpayer)

This new plan is the same scheme. Governments have used it for centuries to rob their people of their savings without calling it a tax. Argentina recently pulled this exact same stunt.

The US Government is trying to prepare for the fact China isn't going to keep lending us a few hundered billion every year and the Federal reserve can't keep stockpiling Treasury Bonds it can't sell forever.

This is very scarey stuff. Governments only pull this type of stunt when things are really bad.